Eliminate dog odours in your car

Our four-legged friends sometimes bring an unpleasant smell with them. Read on to find out how to eliminate even the most stubborn dog stenches from your car.

A dog is a dog, and all dogs smell of dog to some extent. However, a ‘doggy smell’ can be particularly unpleasant in your car. But why does your dog pong in the first place?


Wet dog smell caused by bacteria

Research has proven that your dog doesn’t actually smell; bacteria are mostly responsible for the bad odours. The microorganisms that live in dogs’ coats produce volatile organic substances that are unfortunately unpleasant to the human nose. And although the bacteria are always there, the smell is particularly noticeable if a dog’s coat is wet because that’s when the volatile substances are released more easily, turning a subtle smell into a stinky stench. This odour can be particularly nasty in small spaces, such as cars. 

At any rate, this explains why wet long-haired dogs often smell worse than their short-haired counterparts, i.e. because they house more bacteria. 


Bathing your dog to combat the smell in the long term

If you have a particularly pongy pooch at home, you could try reducing the wealth of bacteria in its coat. How can you do this? By bathing your dog! That way, you reduce the number of odour-causing bacteria in its fur. Give your dog a proper bath with shampoo as often as necessary but as seldom as possible. Regular grooming with brushes and combs can also be helpful here. 

If your dog’s anal glands are causing the stench, a vet can help you to empty them on a regular basis. Your vet can also clarify whether your pet is ill, and therefore smells so strongly. Sometimes changing your dog’s food can help, and your vet can advise you on this, too. 


Dry your dog

To spare your nose (and your car), it’s worth keeping a dog towel in your vehicle so that you can remove any excess moisture from your four-legged friend’s fur, especially after a lovely soggy walk. But no matter how hard you try you’ll never get your dog completely dry, so the cover that he lies on will inevitably end up smelling a bit. In any case, you can always use an old towel or blanket for this that you can throw in the washing machine on a regular basis. Regularly vacuuming can also help to curb unpleasant odours. 

Despite all of your efforts, the smell in your car might still make your nose wrinkle (friends without dogs are particularly susceptible to this)! In this case, you’ll need to tackle the odour with other means. 


Tackle odours with Nature’s Miracle®

Nature’s Miracle® has proven highly successful at combatting unpleasant dog odours in cars. We defeat the enemy with its own weapon. Our products’ bio-enzymatic formula is based, among other things, on bacteria. These bacteria produce certain enzymes that break down unwanted odours – and their causes – into their basic components before destroying the remains. That way, the stench is removed both simply and biologically. 

The product is really easy to use: simply spray it onto the affected areas in your car. Don’t just use it on the floor, but also on the sides of your car that your dog leans on when travelling. Thanks to its universal formula, Nature’s Miracle® can be used on a wide range of surfaces, from plastic and fabrics to carpets. The advantage of our spray is that you can even cover areas that are hard to reach. Wait for 15 minutes until the enzymes have worked their magic then make the most of your pong-free car!  

Incidentally, Nature’s Miracle® doesn’t only help to combat everyday wet fur smells, it can also tackle those really bad cases when your dog has rolled in something particularly pungent. What’s more, it comes in very handy if your dog has a strong odour coming from its anal glands or the natural oils in its fur, for example.